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Including My Son Should Not Be Considered A Heroic Act

As the mother to a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome, I constantly search for and even engineer environments where my son is welcome.

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Generations, Disabled AND IN POVERTY: A Response To The Washington Post

Disabled people are being killed slowly by a system that does not value us and we live in fear of things becoming even worse under Trump.

"Karissa’s mother told Time, 'Karissa really identifies with Elsa because she knows what it’s like to be different from everyone else.'" Image: Siena College

How Technology Changed This Young Frozen Fan's Life

Queen Elsa isn't the only one with magic hands anymore! Nine-year-old Karissa Mitchell was born missing part of her right hand and arm. And while she wasn’t born with a love of the movie Frozen, she certainly has plenty of that too!

The reality is that we think, act, and experience and see the world differently. Image: WOCinTech Chat.

Writing Culture Has An Ableism Problem

As storytellers, disabled writers have thousands of stories inside of us, some related to our disabilities and some not. Some of us are lucky enough to have some sort of outlet for our words — in public and/or private spaces — while others still struggle to find the voice that lives within.

Social media accounts and news outlets foam at the mouth to fill themselves with cell phone videos of such prom-posals, even though these do the polar opposite of normalizing disability.

4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Sharing Inspiration Porn On Social Media

However, these seemingly innocuous stories are, in a very subtle way, reducing the subjects to their base level, judging them solely on their disability, and assuming that they are incapable of the same things as their peers, like hobbies or love.