The Most Embarrassing Sex Story Of My Life

How embarrassing is this story, and is the value in it (be it entertainment, educational, or both) enough that the benefit in sharing it outweighs how mortifying it is?

Intoxicated Interviews With Sam & Joni

Intoxicated Interviews With Sam & Joni: Inaugural Edition

Sam: The first time you mentioned that you have five kids I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL. FIVE HUMANS. FIVE HUMANS CAME OUT OF YOU. Like, not at the same time, but they came out and like, that sounds painful and scary WHY DID YOU DO THAT??

Child exhibits better self-control than the average adult on St. Patty's Day (Credit: andrew_mc_d/Flickr)

The Drunken Curse Of St. Patty's Day Stupidity

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's all the reasons all that booze might make you act like a drunken, violent idiot. But please don't.

371 years is a long time. Courtesy of ThinkStock

Teen Rapists Face Intense Charges, Could Set New Precedent

Sadly, it's a tale as old as time; a person is sexually assaulted and the rapist(s) rides happily off into the sunset. But not in Georgia.