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Peggy Olson, a.k.a Elisabeth Moss, Deserves Better Than Gap's New Fashion Campaign 

Moss is far from boring. So why is her new ad campaign so dull?


Gisele Bundchen's New Fashion Campaign And The Problem With "Best Side" Pressure 

Let's dispel the myth that a woman can only look good from a very specific angle, shall we?


Is The Modeling Industry Evolving For The Better? The Return Of Gemma Ward Suggests Yes

Back in the day, we used to call this beautiful woman "weird." How times have changed.

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Who Says God Isn't Listening? Mature Women Grace New Fashion Ads

And Marisa Tomei is one of them! Could life get more perfect?

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Chloe's Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign Is The Perfect Road Trip

Who knew a road trip could be so effortlessly stylish?


Hasta la Vista, Baby! Meet Arnold's Son, the Model

Thank you, Tom Ford! A strapping young Schwarzenegger is now in an eyewear ad. Let's get personally acquainted with your next boyfriend shall we?