Hasta la Vista, Baby! Meet Arnold's Son, the Model

Mix that chiseled Terminator jaw with Maria Shriver's uncanny beauty, and you'll get a pretty attractive brood. And such a gene pool mustn't be wasted! Happily, Patrick, a representative of the Schwarzenegger-Shriver collaboration, was more than happy to oblige.

Tom Ford, a guy who—if anything—knows a hot dude when he sees one, recently cast the couple's oldest son for his eyewear ads. Looking at Patrick's paparazzi and red carpet shots, in which the 20-year-old looks like a way cooler—if sexily seedier!—version of a British prince, we can't say the creative team did too hot of a job in the Ford shoot.

Gone are the youthful, rebel strands and the ironic, dreamy look in his eyes—instead, there's slick, gigolo-style hair, kind of dead-faced stare and too much make-up, true to the designer's kind-of-tacky aesthetic.

A driver's distraction. The Hudson Jeans billboard


Don't fret, however—this is just the beginning for the tall sex-beast Schwarzenegger. Prior to this breakthrough gig, he distracted drivers with his naked come-hither torso, modeled for Office Depot and ran his own clothing-slash-charity company, Project 360. (He also briefly dabbled in acting, although looking back at his dad's greatest hits we'd readily suggest the model route instead.)

For a summer eye candy, sunglasses or not, he's cast in the perfect role. Next, please put him in a better denim ad next to all of Rob Lowe's sons (Jude Law's model son can come too)—and we'll forget all about the hair gel mishap. 



Images: Facebook

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