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Born Again: Rene Denfeld On The Birth Of Love

They say you have to love yourself before you can love others. I am here to say that is not true. I loved my children long before I could love myself.  Read...
Terese Mailhot on The Daily Show

Sitting With Anxiety: How Trauma & Stigma Impact Everyday Life

“Terese, if you want to sit by a window, just do it!” I fear that what I experienced is still being done to children and youth, and the impact is lasting.

Wishes do come true!  Source: ABC News

This Foster Girl's Story Will Make You Believe In “Happily Ever After”

In the midst of a week that’s been rife with sadness and confusion, I am pleased to present to you a story that is unequivocally happy. A fairy tale ending, if you will.

The forgotten children of foster care.

My Daughter’s Tragic Journey: My Heartbreak And Guilt

Before I was a foster parent, I did not understand the heartbreak that children in foster care truly suffer from. Nor did I understand the heartbreak that foster parents go through, as well.

Families come in different shapes.

How My Relationship With My Legal Guardian Transformed My Notion of "Family"

So many children who grow up in broken homes are fed this notion of family that comes with strings attached. We’re told if we can just be pretty enough, smart enough, quiet enough, obedient enough, good enough, then we’ll get the love we crave so deeply, as if family is something that we must barter for.