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A Santera Told My Future And Exposed My Deepest Fear​

Now and then, I think about what the santera revealed that day, how everything she told me comes true as the years go by.


Why Jane Jetson Had The Future Figured Out

And there are some things missing in my life. Things I was promised on The Jetsons, by Jane Jetson herself. Man, I watched that show and saw the future! That’s where we were headed, my friends. Flying cars were part of the package of the future.


Hush Hush Hullabaloo: Rumors Fly That Tesla Is Releasing A Home Battery

They're cool. 

They're elusive. 

They're innovative. 

And, they're really, really shiny. 

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Forget Amber Rose: 5 Reasons Why We're Obsessed With Laurel Dewitt's Show

Amber Rose's lack of underwear stole the show at Laurel DeWitt, but it shouldn't have.

Honey, putting your boobs on Instgram will ruin your shot at being a state representative. Credit: Thinkstock

What Does Teen Sexting Mean For The Standards Of Future Politicians?

If "everyone" is doing it, will the future be more forgiving of public expressions of sexuality?

Almost ready! (Credit: ThinkStock)

Welcome To The Future: Lab Grows Human Penises

Yes, this is happening.

Swinging in process. Credit: YouTube

Love God, Biceps And Partner-swapping? Christian Fitness Swingers Is For You!

No really. Christian Fitness Swingers is a thing.


Techie Youth of America Restore our Faith in Humanity

In a riveting new documentary, Silicon Valley kids talk global warming, poverty and the limits of tech. Adults, take notes.