gender stereotypes

 Can we finally put this "crazy ex girlfriend" bullshit to bed?

Can We Please Ditch The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Stereotype?

The crazy ex-girlfriend stereotype is sexist and boring.

So what does it mean to parent beyond gender?

Parenting Without Gender

Building a society without stereotypical gender confines must start from the ground up.

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Would You Let Your Son Wear Pink Shoes?

I knew it was bound to happen.  

She likes princesses, but she is not defined by them. Image: Gemma Hartley.

Can We Please Stop Hating On Princesses?

Feminism should empower all girls — not just those who buck the system. Do I have my preference for what I would like her to do? Yes, but what I envision for her isn’t as important as what brings her joy and helps her find fulfillment.

Operation Don’t Pass on Your Problems to Your Kids continues in fits and starts. Image: Thinkstock.

Raising Resilient Girls, Or Not

I cannot believe I have already raised my young children to conform to such gendered stereotypes. It's particularly striking when it comes to their confidence.

Please God. Don't let it be true. Courtesy of Thinkstock

Vatican Kicks Off Highly Dubious "Women's Culture" Conference

Too bad the Vatican has already undermined the entire project with its own daft efforts at outreach.

Jenna Jameson, you are better than this show. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Surprise! VH1’s Couples Therapy Provides A Crash Course In Gender Stereotyping

This reality TV juggernaut loves itself some gender conventions (and lame drama). Why are people still watching?


Does The World Really Need A 'Yahoo For Men'?

In a world dominated by a blur of lactating breasts, mommy porn, hemlines and feelings, James Heckman has had enough.