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Dear U.S. Government: Keep Your Hands Off Our Boobs!

A new U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation on mammograms ensures more women will die of breast cancer.

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Women Activists Propose New Strategy For Peace In South Sudan: A Nationwide Sex Strike

Activists in war-ravaged South Sudan are mobilizing women "to deny their husbands conjugal rights until they ensure that peace returns."


It's Rough All Over: Saudi Men Subjected to New Rules About Marrying Foreigners

While women from certain countries are totally banned, in other cases aspiring grooms need only show the defectiveness of their current wife to take a foreign bride.


New Delhi in Crisis: Bands of Rhesus Monkeys Terrorize Population

Thinking of vacationing in India this summer? You may want to avoid New Dehli and its out-of-control gangs of bullying monkeys.


Isolated Amazonian Tribe Makes First Contact with Modern World

Probably chased out of their homelands, this group seeks refuge in Brazil. But they may be more vulnerable than ever.


China’s Latest Pet Project? Nixing Its Mountains!

China plans to level 700 mountains to create 155 square miles of new land in the name of urban progress, but at what cost?


High on History: Brits Thought Reagan Was a Bumbling "Bozo"

Sorry, Fox News! Declassified documents reveal what the Thatcher administration really thought of our supposedly beloved 40th president.


Results Are In: 100% of North Koreans Effing Love Their Supreme Leader

The time has come again for us to congratulate Kim Jong-un for his unanimous election as supreme leader of North Korea—and with nearly