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Take The Cake: The BoPo-Washing Of Weight Watchers (& The Weight Loss Industry)

How does a weight loss company sell weight loss products to people who don’t want to be fat but also don’t want to say they don’t want to be fat or identify as being on a diet? This question lives at the heart of what I’m going to call “BoPo-washing.” BoPo-washing is the new paradigm of companies using weight-neutral or body positive language in order to peddle products.

Being fat-shamed by your doctor is not okay and yet many people feel as if they must accept this substandard care.

When You’ve Been Fat-Shamed By Your Doctor

Being fat-shamed by your doctor is not okay and yet many people feel as if they must accept this substandard care. We are mistreated and misdiagnosed!

Fat acceptance allows us to free ourselves from diet culture to finally love our bodies!

Yes, It Is Fine To Be Fat 

The point of fat acceptance is to be clear that people of all sizes have the right to exist without shame, stigma, bullying, and oppression.

I am happy. Not with my body, but with my life.

You Don’t Have To Love Your Body To Love Your Life

I am in a fat body that is not particularly comfortable to live in. I am also happy. You can love your life even if you don't love your body.

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Lady Gaga, The Super Bowl, And Half-Assed Body Positivity

Too often people claim that they are practicing Body Positivity when in fact they are perpetuating fatphobia and/or using healthism and ableism to justify sizeism.

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The War On Obesity – Dead Or Alive

In the face of funding shortages, Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has decided that patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above, as well as smokers, will be barred from most surgery for up to a year. But don’t fool yourself, this isn’t about health, or healthy behaviors – this is about money, and it’s about the people in charge deciding whose blatant oppression the general citizenry will tolerate. Years of campaigns suggesting that it’s fine for people to stereotype fat people and blame us for their problems have led to a situation where people are comfortable with us being denied the same medical care that they receive. And that should horrify you.


Linda Bacon And The Health At Every Size Movement

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