Latte with a side of mustache.

How To Open A Hipster Coffee Shop: A Step By Step Guide

When it comes to hiring people, be sure to steer clear of anyone who has a customer service background and glowing recommendations. The last thing you want is a perky, friendly face to greet your customers. So predictable!


10 Things To Avoid If You Don't Want To Be A Hipster

There are some hipster things that hipsters want us to love, so we’ll join their cult. But we’re done falling for these things because we’re all unique individuals. Here are 10 things you need to avoid right now if you don’t want to be a hipster.


OkCupid: A Man’s Cautionary Tale For The Ladies, Manly Men Vs. Hipster Dudes

I recently returned to the online dating arena and was immediately reminded of why I left. As a man interested in the arts I find myself at odds with that acme of the stereotypical alpha male, bare chested post-gym workout selfie. Ladies, here are my notes on what you should expect from a manly man vs. a hipster dude on OkCupid.

Hot dude. Beard.

5 Things Friday: Doing Hipster Right

Hipster is the new Yuppie. If you don’t know what a yuppie is, let’s just say it’s the hipster equivalent of the 80s.