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Ask Erin: I'm Jealous Of My Boyfriend's Ex-Wife

I feel so jealous, and I don’t know how to handle it. All the things I want, she gave him, and he doesn’t want those things again. Read...
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Take The Cake: Reframing Jealousy

Jealousy is such an interesting thing to me. As immediate and intense as it feels when it hits, it has always struck me as a secondary — a smokescreen for something else.

(Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: I'm Jealous Of My Partner's Ex

He keeps saying that when the divorce is over she will be out of our lives but it’s not true. I'm jealous of my parent's ex.

"What is very clear to me is that you do not feel secure in this relationship." (image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp)

Ask Erin: Help! I’m Jealous Of My Boyfriend’s BFF’s Relationship 

She’s made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to… Ask Erin is a weekly advice column, in which Erin answers your burning questions about anything at all.

Jealousy can live right under the surface, even amongst friends.

What's Not Said: “I’m Jealous of You.” 

How much energy does it take to be jealous? Hint: Way too much.

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6 Ways To Stop Hating Other Women

We were at a karaoke bar on a weeknight. I was sitting near a wall-length mirror, and I felt self-conscious about my body. 

Envy goes both ways, and that can be frustrating — especially when all we really want when we state our jealousy is a little bit of sympathy. Image: Thinkstock.

Why My Husband's Jealousy Is Good For Our Relationship

While the trials of caring for three small kids make it easy for jealousy to bloom, what makes stay-at-home life even harder is the lack of empathy and understanding I get for this 24/7 job. I have spent a frustrating amount of time trying to “prove my worth” to my husband.

happy couple...who just had a huge fight.

Why Idolizing Someone Else's 'Perfect' Relationship Could Ruin Yours

People will only post on social media what they want the world to see. This is often to impress and seek affirmation or to simply get as many likes as they can for a cool picture! But you never know what goes on behind closed doors.