This is why I’m done “proving” my identity to the nay-sayers.

I'm Done Trying To "Prove" My Non-Binary Identity

Masculinity always felt like a pair of shoes that didn’t fit quite right.

Aaron Wiseman created the most beautiful alphabet soup Twitter party for us, and it's raging hard.

#LGBTBabes Is Our New Favorite Trending Hashtag

Let the #LGBTBabes party rage on, my fellow rainbow darlings. You're beautiful. You're supported. You're loved. And you're perfect just as you are.


9 LGBTQ Books To Read For Pride Month

If you’re looking for a Pride Month reading list, or just want to get more LGBTQ+ books on your radar this year, here are a few worth checking out.

Savannah came out as gay to her Mormon congregation while bearing her testimony. What her bishop did next was absolutely heartbreaking. (Image via YouTube)

Mormon Girl Comes Out As Gay To Congregation — Bishop Stops Her Mid-Speech

The idea is that you can say whatever you want, but most people know that there is a general script to follow when bearing one’s testimony. Coming out as gay is not in the script.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day! We Love You!

Happy National Coming Out Day! We make it a point to affirm the value of every individual, regardless of gender, sexuality, or relationship status.

Image Credit: Attitude Magazine

Prince William Being, Yet Again, The Actual Best

As if you needed another reason to love England’s Prince William, he just became the first member of the Royal Family to appear on the cover of an LGBT publication!


UK Warns LGBT Travelers Of Homophobic Laws In NC & MS

Yesterday, the the British Foreign Office updated its travel guidance regarding the US to reflect the risks to gay people who travel to North Carolina and Mississippi. The new laws passed in those states regarding the rights of LGBTQ people have made waves across the pond, and the Brits don’t want any of their own caught in a bigotry riptide.


BREAKING: Children Of Same-Sex Couples Are Totally Fine

For a long time, there was this idea floating around that same-sex couples shouldn’t be parents because it would be bad for the kids.