living with mental health issues

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Confession: I Hate Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be a saving grace for some; for me they can be a major trigger.

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The Myth of Being Over Depression

Depression is with you forever. Sometimes it’s like a gentle rain you can keep walking through; other times it’s like a tidal wave, dragging you under, no matter how much you struggle to come up for air. Read...
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An Open Letter To (My) Depression

Dear Depression, it’s time we had a talk, you and me.

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When Mental Illness Hurts Too Much To Talk About 

I have a mental illness. I am mentally ill. I can barely bring myself to say the words. I have not uttered the phrase “I am mentally ill” out loud.

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Ask Erin: Is My Boyfriend Going To Leave Me Because Of My Mental Health Issues?

I just can't shake this feeling that my boyfriend going to leave me and find someone who makes him happy without mental health issues.

Average life events evoke extreme anxiety and deep, internal sadness that most will never understand.

10 Things People With Bipolar Disorder Want You To Know

I’m ready to demystify the stereotypes and break down the stigma of bipolar disorder.

You have to deal with days that are very sad for no reason.

What It's Like Dating Someone With Anxiety

Here is what it is like to date someone with anxiety (in my experience, anyway).

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Dear Neurotypical People: Please Stop Gatekeeping OCD

During a psychology lecture in 2012, I casually mumbled to a friend that the optical illusions on the teacher's slides were “messing with my OCD,”