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Take The Cake: 7 Tips For Medical Self-Advocacy As A Fat Person

Humane, proper medical care should be something all people — regardless of status — have access to. Here are tips for medical self-advocacy for fat people.


A Study Has Finally Proven What Women Have Said For Years: Birth Control Pills Mess With Your Health

We’ve been telling researchers, doctors, and anyone who will listen that we’re not satisfied with the birth control pill because of its side effects for years, but maybe this latest study from Sweden will make them actually listen.


World AIDS Day: A Look At How Far We've Come Since 1988

In 1988, when AIDS was still a newly discovered health condition, it was a death sentence.

"ACO reviewed 60 years of research and found no compelling evidence that routine exams serves catch cancer or other conditions in asymptomatic patients." Image: Thinkstock

We Probably Don't Need Yearly Pelvic Exams, According To Science

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been getting annual pelvic exams since you were a teenager. You did this because conventional wisdom told you that you needed a Pap smear and a physical exam to keep your vagina and uterus up and running. Also, your doctor probably held your birth control prescription hostage every year until you came in to get checked out.


Today in Scary Studies: The Hysterectomy Procedure That May Cause Cancer

According to new research, a type of hysterectomy performed on 50,000 women a year could spread cancerous cells.


High on History: 5 Sexist Medieval Warnings About Birthing Monster Babies

According to a prominent doctor of his time, having a freak child was (surprise!) typically a woman’s fault.


Anonymous Hits Another Target, Sweet Revenge or Misguided Morality?

The famous hacker group—Anonymous—has set their sights on Boston’s Children’s Hospital in defense of parental rights. But they just might be defending child abusers. Vigilante justice can come at a high price.