Periods shouldn’t make you unhappy. Periods shouldn’t be painful. Having a vagina shouldn’t be painful.

To My 13-Year-Old Self: I'm Sorry No One Taught You About Your Period

One day, when you’re twice your age, you’ll write a letter to yourself with all the things no one taught you about your period

The ‘off-switch for menstrual pain.’ Image: Livia.

You Can Now Banish Your Period Pain With The Push Of A Button!

A drug-free solution to an issue that often sees sufferers self-medicating with over-the-counter purchases.


NYC Proposes Law For Free Tampons, GBLESS

For those living in poverty, accessing menstrual supplies can be a true crisis. That’s why it’s so damn brilliant and compassionate that lawmakers New York City are proposing programs that will make menstrual supplies free and available in public schools, and homeless shelters.

Period. No.

Managing Menstruation: All About Your Stupid Period

I don't care how you paint it, I don't think there is a single beautiful or spiritual aspect of menstruation.


Teenage Coders Create New Video Game To Combat Menstruation Taboo

Highschoolers Sophie Hauser and Andrea Gonzale ask us to consider why periods freak us out so much as a society with their new game Tampon Run.