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Support Mom-Owned Small Businesses For Mother's Day

Being a mother right now is hard. We’re all being asked to do the impossible: raise children, educate children, and somehow also work and stay sane in the process. For mothers who own small businesses, the situation is especially grim, as they spend their days grinding to keep their businesses afloat while also trying to do EVERYTHING else. Samantha Finigan, mother of two and co-owner of Gus and Ruby, a gift boutique and custom letterpress studio, says that since so many mothers are the de facto heads of households, the pandemic will inevitably put women-owned small businesses at a disadvantage: “For many of us there just aren't enough hours in the day to do ALL the things.” 

We can’t control much right now, but we can control (at least to some extent!) how we shop.

So support the mothers in your life by supporting these mother-owned small businesses for Mother’s Day. Win-win!

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