Why Mom Knows Best When It Comes to Your Love Life

Some women are besties with their moms from day one and share just about everything with them. Horrifying dates, health scares, friend gossip—you name it. Others may love their moms, but don't feel comfortable sharing intimate details. To be clear, we're just talking about a mother figure here: she could be your adopted mother, grandmother, aunt, stepmom or even a kind neighbor. Hell, "she" doesn't even have to be a she! The point is that we form these types of relationships for a reason. We crave the guidance and love that a mother figure provides, and should be open to all that can offer us.

In particular, moms can be a great sounding board for love-life concerns. In honor of Mother's Day, why not open up to your mom and let her in on the ups and downs of your romantic travails. Why?

She's been there

Even if your mom married her Junior high sweetheart seconds after her 18th birthday, she's lived long enough to see the trials and tribulations of many love lives. As poets have taught us, relationship issues don't vary dramatically from generation to generation. Take cheating for instance: it's estimated that over the course of a long relationship, the chance of being cheated on (or cheating yourself) is 25%. That means it's statistically likely that your mom has been close with people who have endured this situation. When you're feeling lost in pain, ring your mom. After witnessing (or partaking) in similarly heart-wrenching tales throughout the course of her life, she should have some useful advice to share.

You're alike

You learned to love from your mom. It's difficult to self-reflect on behavior patterns, but your mom will likely be able to spot them from a heatbreak away. To you, enduring romantic entanglements may feel like navigating through a wild jungle with a broken compass—but mom knows better. She will not only recognize your habits, but will be able to offer sound advice on how to deal with what's going on in your life. You may be surprised to learn that your mom was a hell raisin' table dancing 20-something at one point—and that, yes, what you're going through is just a phase. You can trust her. After all, who knows you best?

It will mean a lot to her

Benjamin Franklin speculated that the secret to getting people to like you was to ask favors of them. Asking your mom for advice about a love situation is a favor (in a sense), and she'll feel touched that you trust and respect her enough to turn to her. And, because she loves you, she'll be happy just to talk to you. Bonding over these things will make you closer...and that's more valuable than any bouquet of Mother's Day flowers.

Image: See? She gave her mom flowers and love. Courtesy of, ThinkStock

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