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#HalalPaint allows Muslim women to lacquer up without worrying that their polish conflicts with wudhu guidelines. (Image Credit: Instagram/boshemian_girl)

New Wudhu-Friendly Line Of Nail Polish For Muslim Women - #HalalPaint

Nail polish maker Orly has teamed up with Muslim Girl, a great lifestyle and current affairs website started by a young Muslim woman, to develop a line of breathable nail polishes that allow water and oxygen to penetrate the lacquer. The new line, called #HalalPaint, will debut this summer.

"Tirimisu for Two: I would never just have my nails painted for my own pleasure and enjoyment. I’ve done this for you. For us. It’s all about snagging a partner." Image: Thinkstock

Weirdly Sexist Nail Polish Names, From The Eyeroll-Worthy To The Utterly Absurd

Chick Flick Cherry: If it’s about romance, it’s a chick flick. About love: chick flick. Maybe it’s about chickens. Poultry love. Either way: for you, I’ll watch it. So you can pop my cherry afterwards. My nail polish is just asking for it.


This Nifty New Tool Will Guarantee Your Nails Will Never Look Like You Painted Them Drunk Ever Again

If your manicure looks like the work of a six-year-old, you should probably check out this innovative new product from Julep and IDEO.


Tricked-Out Talons – Who Does them Best? Lily Allen, Snoop Dogg or The Blonds

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