This Nifty New Tool Will Guarantee Your Nails Will Never Look Like You Painted Them Drunk Ever Again

If your at-home manicure tends to like a Jackson Pollock painting, we feel you. Our right hand is shaky enough while applying polish, and don’t even get us started on our left—our nails end up looking like we just drunkenly dipped the entire end of our finger in a bottle of O.P.I. It’s not a good look. 

Turns out we’re not the only ones with this hand-eye coordination problem. The fine ladies over at Julep—the subscription nail polish service that sends members a monthly personalized box of nail polish colors (and other beauty products) has invented a cool little tool that is specifically designed to make at-home manicures a helluva lot easier. Targeting the two main design flaws of nail polish wands—the shortness of the wand and the difficultly of application when using the non-dominant handJulep worked with world-renowned design firm IDEO to come up with a solution, and it’s pretty much the most helpful beauty invention ever. 

Called the “Plié Wand,” the plastic attachment clips to the end of Julep nail polish tops, allowing users to hold the nail polish top like a pen, making application less delerium tremens and more damn! girl, you got it going on.  The wand is also bendable, so when you switch to your wonky hand, you can customize the angle for the best, most comfortable fit.

Think this the great idea that will change your at-home manicure for all eternity? Head over to Julep and let them know. Since the brand is so small, it’s using crowd sourcing and funding to get the product made. Instead of over-ordering a product that won’t sell, Julep is offering the Plié Wand on pre-order, so they can anticipate how many terrible manicurists will be interested. Spread the love!

Check out a video of the Plié Wand in action below!


Image: c/o Julep

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