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Study Says Men Are Threatened By Powerful Women (Also, The Sky Is Blue)

I know, I know — you must be SHOCKED.

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New Study Says We Aren't Awful Shallow People

Congratulations! We think nice people are prettier.

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Study Calls Friends-With-Benefit Relationships Unhealthy; Here's Why It's Wrong

Sometimes, "science" deserves to be questioned.


Conspiracy Theorists Take Note: New MIT Study Proves Memories Are Completely Malleable

Ever dream about the ability to banish bad memories? Science is this close my friends.

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What Happened When Rhode Island Accidentally Decriminalized Prostitution

A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered that rape and gonorrhea rates dramatically dropped. What gives?


New Study Correlates Perceived Promiscuity with Financial Dependence

Researchers at Brunel University believe we're suffering from an evolutionary adaptive lag.


Science Says We Share a Surprising Amount of Genes with Our Friends

A new study found that friends are literally our chosen family.


The Kids Are Alright: Study Reveals Children of Gay Couples Are Happier, Healthier Than Those from Traditional Families

More proof that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have the most perfect family ever.