Orange Is the New Black

Television can actually save your life. Image: Thinkstock.

Netflix Marathons Can Save Your Life: Specific Shows To Watch For Specific Horrible Life Events

Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I had lived back before glasses and contacts were invented and I couldn’t see anything and just had to fumble around blindly squinting at everything. Or before antidepressants, and I just had to spend my whole life crying in bed. Both those options still seem more manageable than living life without the ability to watch 6-10 episodes of a television show in one sitting.


Orange Is The New Black Star Embraces Body Positivity In Fab Gym Selfie

Taystee just got a little more amazing.


Laverne Cox Makes People's Most Beautiful People List

People's just-released "Most Beautiful People

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5 Reasons to Watch Amazon's New Streaming Show, Transparent

George Bluth Sr. stars as a trans woman. So. Much. Yes.

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Show's Writer Demonstrates That Once You Go Orange Is The New Black, You Never Go . . . Straight? 

OITNB writer Lauren Morelli has started dating star Samira Wiley, and says the show helped her suss out her sexuality.

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The Psychology of a Girl Crush

I’ve had a huge girl crush on Natasha Lyonne ever since I saw the poster for the first American Pie movie. She owns her crazy and her big hair.

Image: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Courtesy of Tumblr

Self Deprecation Redemption: Why Monica Lewinsky Should Try It Out

There are better ways to appease the masses and counter public humiliation than by writing lengthy diatribes in Vanity Fair.

Should we rush Delta Delta Delta, or join The Satanic Temple? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Move Over, Hobby Lobby: Satanic Temple Wants Health-Care Exemption, Too

Satanists are demanding their own legal loophole based on religious doctrine. Do they have a point?