I found clear parallels between Mawlid and another holiday back at home — Christmas. (Photo: Sabrina Toppa)

Mawlid: The Little-Known Muslim Holiday That Looks Like Christmas

Each winter, Muslims around the world mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad during Mawlid, an annual holiday celebrating the prophet's arrival on Earth.

Khala with David, Marek, and Rosa

How A Pakistani Woman Changed My Views On Muslims

Although I tried to convince myself that I wasn't racist, if the truth were told, I didn't like Muslims. Especially after 9/11.

"Liz" Byrd (Credit: Michael Smith/Wyoming News)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: Remembering "Liz" Byrd, First Black Woman In Wyoming House

Also this week: RIP Begum Kulsoom Saifullah Khan, the first female federal minister of Pakistan.

Credit: Twitter

Malala Wins Nobel Peace Prize At Ripe Age Of 17

And in other news to celebrate: She's sharing the prize with fellow children's rights advocate Kailash Satyarthi.


This Malala Day, We Celebrate the Efforts of a Seriously Fierce Taliban-Battling Freedom Fighter 

From advocating for girls education to surviving gun shot wounds to working on #BringBackOurGirls, Malala seems #StrongerThan... anyone else.


3 Horrifying Cases of Global Women's Rights Abuses—And How You Can Take Action for Change

This week, misogynistic injustices in India, Sudan and Pakistan caused outcry. Here's what you need to know, and how you can help fight back.