How To Feel Safe When The Violence In The World Terrifies You

Even before the shooting in San Bernadino and terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Kenya, were you wondering how to keep yourself and your family safe? It’s often something we ask others — usually politicians — to take care of for us, which can, in turn, actually magnify our sense of powerlessness. It’s as if we think safety is out of our control.


As France Drops Bombs, I Demand Peace

There is a bitter, ugly irony today in the trending hashtag #Pray4Paris and the haunting “Peace for Paris” graphic shown alongside the news of France’s military strikes against ISIS-held positions on Sunday.


Veronica: Visual Merchandiser 

Spotted: Downtown San Jose

Credit: Twitter

Why We Should Celebrate The Bared Penises Of Paris Fashion Week

Push this envelope to the max!

Credit: Flicker/Johannes Grunert

Your Guide To Anti-Immigrant Groups In Europe

For your education, let's take a look at the two biggest groups making the most anti-outsider noise in Western Europe right now.


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Paris Invades China: Chinese Nouveau Rich Ditch Traditional Homes for Beaux-Arts Architecture

East-meets-West cultural trends are good for stirring the pot, and the increasing wealth of the Chinese elite provides ample fodder for this mishma