The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-Making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

It's almost the freakin' weekend, baby, so say "work shmork" and revel in our choices for the best adorable, happy-making videos of the week:

Watch: Men in Heels Dominate the Very Best of the Spice Girls

Adorability factor: 7 (scale of 1 to 10). Gender-flipping annoyance aside, watching three men jam to the grrrl power pop of Spice Girls is fiercely cute, in a nostalgic kind of way.

Happy-making factor: 9. Like the best viral videos, this one invites you to participate in the good times. You know you remember all the words, so drop what you're doing (including work) ASAP and start singing and grooving along to this wondrous homage to the coolest Girls of our '90s youth. Zigga-zig-ah!

Saudi Arabia Says, "We Can't Stop Doing the Penguin Dance!"

Adorability factor: 7. While we hesitate to call anything from sexist, crazy-conservative Saui Arabia adorable, watching grown men boogey, arms flapping like a penguin, definitely exudes the necessary qualities to make you say "awww."

Happy-making factor: 8. Is there anything more jubilant than carefree, semi-awkward, "who cares what people think I look like!" dancing? Most definitely not. Which is precisely why we've brought you two such dance videos today (you're welcome)!

Watch a Precious Baby Elephant Fail Miserably at Bad-Assery!

Adorability factor: 9. Did we mention it's a baby elephant?

Happy-making factor: 8. Baby elephant, people!

Feel Boob-Sagging Old Right Now: Watch These Kids React to Antiquated Walkmans

Adorability factor: 8. Kids saying the darndest things is guaranteed precious ... even when what they're saying is kind of annoying.

Happy-making factor: 7. Plus nine points for sheer hilarity/cuteness. Minus two points for the crushing realization that you're getting old.

Awesome News Anchor Calls Time Out on Sexism

Adorability factor: 5. While some men might find any woman talking about finance adorable—in the same way a little kid wearing a suit is adorable—we utterly disagree. This ain't cute ... it's fierce!

Happy-making factor: 9. It's a visceral thrill to watch a woman tell off not just one sexist man, but in essence, all sexist men who have come before and will ever come after him. Preach!

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