Watch: Men in Heels Dominate the Very Best of the Spice Girls

Remember the straight up booty-shaking elation that was dancing along to the Spice Girls? Like, it literally may have been the next best thing after sliced bread. Fortunately for the inner tween girl in us all, the world hasn't forgotten this fiercesome fivesome and their epic girl-power! glory.

Especially the boys. Oh, yes. Them. If you thought that these were lady songs, boy were you were wrong.

In honor of last month's International Women's Day, some sassy men got bold, donned skyscraper high heels (and, at one point, almost nothing else) and took Paris by a storm, Spice Girl style. This is the kind of semi-drag lip syncing pop video that's gonna get you throught the week, so you're welcome. Bonus points if you still remember all the words.

So, I'll tell ya what I want what I really really want . . .

Image: Slam your body down and wind yourself around! Courtesy of, Facebook.

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