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Ask Erin: My Wife Wants A Polyamorous Relationship & I Don’t

I love my wife with all my heart, and I love our family. I just can’t seem to bring myself to be okay with this right now. I told her to give me time to think about it. Read...
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I'm Never Going To Be A "Good" Polyamorous Person

“I’m never going to be a 'good' polyamorous person,” I confessed to my soon to be ex-boyfriend. He took my hand, eyes filled with compassion.

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Ask Erin: Does My Boyfriend Want A Polyamorous Relationship? 

A polyamorous relationship requires the desire and consent of all parties involved. So let's talk about your bodyfriend wanting a polyamorous relationship.

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On Figuring Out My Own Poly Style

The most important facet of any relationship is that everyone be treated with kindness and respect. Hierarchical terms do not accomplish that.

"We’re painfully aware of the fact that we’re “the only one” in the room, or one of very few. Don’t make it worse." Image: Author

3 Ways To Avoid Tokenizing People (Because I'm Sick Of It)

It’s like being a deer in the headlights. You’re in imminent danger. You know it. But you can’t move. You can’t speak. No reaction whatsoever. You just stand or sit there, frozen in time, waiting for the crash.


Ask Erin: My Partner And I Found Out The Guy We’re Hooking Up With Is Engaged

We both want to make it an ongoing thing with this particular guy and he was also open. The problem is, when we were at the bar he showed us a picture on his phone, from a social media page. We looked him up later to add him, and he is engaged!

If the circumstances were different, I would tell him to cut his losses and go back to her.

Ask Erin: Help! My Partner Isn't Over His Abusive Ex.

My partner and I got together last December. The problem is that, while he loves me, my boyfriend hasn’t got over his ex. Being polyamorous, my partners loving other people as well is not a problem.

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Polyamory: A Q&A With Sam Dylan Finch Of "Let's Queer Things Up"

Polyamory gives me beautiful and intimate moments with people I otherwise wouldn’t be “allowed” to connect with. Polyamory gives me more love, more nurturing, more space, more support in my life. I think that’s really wonderful.