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Take The Cake: 3 Reasons I Don’t Use The Word “Bully”

The word “bully” makes us think we’re talking about a tiny handful of anti-social individuals when in fact we’re talking about a group of people.

Image: Maddy Sutherland Illustration (Instagram: @maddy.sutherland)

Are People You Meet On The Internet Really More Dangerous Than In Real Life?

What's more dangerous — meeting people on the Internet or meeting people in real life?

I will kill you.

Cats: The Perfect Killing Machines

“The reason cats are so pissy is they’re God’s perfect killing machines but they only weigh 8lbs and we keep picking them up and kissing them” - Da


High On History: 20th Century Women Turned Fashion Accessories Into Weapons

In their bid to ward off creeps, post-Victorian women found a creative use for the hatpin.

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Dinosaurs Just Got More Terrifying: T-Rex and His Cousins May Have Hunted in Packs

Long thought to be the lone wolfs of the prehistoric world, new evidence suggests tyrannosaurs could make alliances of convenience.