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Photo by Quentin Keller on Unsplash

I'm A Black Woman & I Am More Than My Butt

Black women seem only to be valued for our parts, not our whole selves. The over-sexualization of our bodies has a long history and has been reinforced by harmful stereotypes across all forms of media. We battle with those stereotypes every time we step outside. Read...
I was most worried about my half-brother in Fort Lauderdale, and I benignly clicked on a news link about the city on my Facebook sidebar.

Coverage Of Black Looters During Hurricane Irma Reinforces Stereotypes

Like many Americans, I tried to keep close tabs on Floridian friends and family during Hurricane Irma. I clicked on a link that announced that a news crew had caught looters on tape and that the perpetrators had subsequently been arrested. The looters were black.


Taylor Swift, Beyonce And The Dreary Pedestal Of White Perfection

As a white woman, Swift can afford to celebrate carelessness. Beyoncé, though, knows that even her casualness has to be perfect.


Fear And Loathing In The USA: Why Are We Afraid Of Cops?

Even if those muscles remain mostly unflexed, there is a potential violence that’s present in the flash of a badge or the barrel of a gun.