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TakeThe Cake: 9 Body Positive Resolutions For 2019 

Resolution season is rough for many of us. Most goal-setting relies upon self-defeating and depleting aspirations, like assimilation into problematic Read...
Virgie Tovar    |   12.27.18   |   SHARE
Choosing the way I wanted to feel in my life felt so much more intuitive than trying to eek out intellectual goals.

3 Resolutions That Have Zero To Do With Your Body

You are more than a body; you are more than your achievements and goals. Here are three resolutions that have nothing to do with your body. Read...
Carrie Saum    |   01.3.18   |   SHARE
Here’s my list of resolutions that I’m glad I didn’t implement into my life...

Celebrating Every New Year’s Resolution I Haven’t Kept

Making and breaking New Year Resolutions has become somewhat of a tradition for me. Perhaps the only one I’ve ever kept was to not take life so Read...
Jen Glantz    |   01.2.18   |   SHARE
Instead of heading down a resolutions shame spiral that lasts until next year, let’s regroup and do this in a way that makes sense.

February And Your Resolutions Are Already History? What To Do Now.

Welcome to the resolutions flame out. It’s not so much that your resolutions crashed and burned, it’s more like they just never got off the ground in Read...
Ragen Chastain    |   02.17.17   |   SHARE
I deal with some seriously dumb assumptions. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

What It's Like To Be The Biggest Girl At The Gym

*/ /*-->*/ Recently, I was getting ready to leave the gym when someone congratulated me on my “new healthy lifestyle.” “You’re doing great, by the Read...
Kelly Burch    |   01.3.17   |   SHARE
Sure, I could probably use a few new life-hacks, but if I can figure out how to love my life in 2017, that will be more than enough.

A Better New Year's Resolution

My resolutions regularly remind me that I don’t think I am enough, just as I am. So this year, instead of focusing on habit changes, I'm more Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   12.30.16   |   SHARE
I call BS.

Why We Should All Stop With The 'New Year, New Me' Bullsh*t

Ah, January of a new year. Time to wake up a completely different person from the woman I was in 2015, including: 30 pounds lighter by February! I Read...
Michaela Mitchell    |   12.30.16   |   SHARE
For the record, wood panelling is not part of this resolution AT ALL.

My New Year's Resolution To Watch More TV

I spent last night gleefully watching both volumes of Kill Bill, one right after the other. That adds up to about 248 minutes of screen time. Read...
Jenni Berrett   |   01.6.16   |   SHARE