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The Incidental Activism Of My Going Outside

I enjoy the thought that I make other trans people, some of whom are in the closet or passing for cis, feel less alone when I take the train or talk with my normal voice.


Charges Against Former Egyptian President Mubarak Dismissed: Is The Arab Spring Dead?

Hosni Mubarak is likely soon to go free, marking a bitter end to the exciting promise of the Arab uprisings.


'Sup With Brogamats, Brah?

Army guys doing yoga? Burrito yoga bags? Here's the inside scoop on Brogamats.

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How One Pastor Is Using Sex To Sell Faith

A giant billboard reading "'I Love Sex' - God" taps into changing attitudes about sexuality within religious communities.

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90's Revival Mania! Is It About More Than Just Style?

You say you want a revolution? We're having a nineties reboot . . . with the spirit of the sixties seeping in.


5 Most Awkward Fourth of July Films

The self-celebratory holiday sort of lends itself to strange movie-making, and Hollywood has happily obliged.


Ms. Pacman: An Unlikely Feminist

We thought Ms. Pacman was a silly game. We were wrong: it's a friggin revolution.