Silicon Valley

Google, Facebook, and Microsoft basically Silicon Valley committed what must be an unforgivable act of corporate greed —defending a website selling underage sex.

Silicon Valley Defended A Website Selling Underage Sex

Silicon Valley companies defending sex trafficking has made me question if good people — or even baseline-human people — actually exist anymore.

Jared has diaper duty. Forever.

Why Parenting Is Like A Silicon Valley Startup

The thing is, the more I watch this show, and the more I think back to the endless years in Start Up culture that we experienced, the more I keep thinking: “This is way too similar to parenting.”


Liz Klinger: Co-Founder And CEO Of SmartBod

Who knew the tech industry could do that.


Shanley Kane: Founder, Model View Culture

battler of tech industry BS. publisher. CEO.


Silicon Valley Has an Ageism Problem! And Plastic Surgeons Are Happy To Oblige the Obsession

Riding the image of the youthful Ivy League dropout, Silicon Valley is biased toward the young, even though hard data suggests youth doesn't have the ineffable "innovation" everyone is chasing.