Attention Fatties: Stephen Hawking Has A Weight Loss Solution Just For You!

Here’s something that isn’t rocket science either, Stephen Hawking: Diets don’t work.


Elliphant: Rapper, World Citizen, Androgynous Spirit

On the interview room’s cozy couch, Ellie (AKA Elliphant) sounded off on the absurdity of American gender roles, how humans are like giraffes, and her past life as a dude resembling Mowgli from The Jungle Book. No, really.


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New Swedish Study Finds That Boys and Girls Are (Almost) Equally Porn + Sex Obsessed

So, it's well known that teenage boys just. can't. think about anything besides sex. Grades, sports, chores, family, friends, the future—step aside! Turns out girls can't concentrate on anything else either...we've just being assuming otherwise.