I immediately took to FB, calling out to my tribe, “Who wants to see my ass?” Image: Joni Edelman.

The Power Of MomSnap: AKA Why I Send My Friends Snapchat N00ds

We are still sharing our days in all the ways we usually share days — talking about kids, bills, dinner, stress. And now we are sharing the times we are most vulnerable, the times we need to hear something good about ourselves.


Papa John's Violates Iggy Azalea's Privacy

Question: What's the #1 thing to remember about about celebs? 

Answer: They are people too!  (Not deities that is.)

Credit: ThinkStock

Study Calls Friends-With-Benefit Relationships Unhealthy; Here's Why It's Wrong

Sometimes, "science" deserves to be questioned.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Roger Goodell Finally Announces What The NFL Will Do In Wake Of Domestic Violence Scandals—But Is It Enough?

On the heels of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson controversies, the NFL has pledged to curb domestic violence in its ranks.


Iowa State Coach Apologizes to Teen Daughter for Horrifying Locker Room "Dad Dance"

A March Madness awkward-boogie that went viral has pops in the hot seat with his teen.