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Take The Cake: Doing Friendsgiving Is A Radical Act For Me

What horrible thing is going to happen this year? Is my aunt going to touch me or someone else inappropriately or make sexual innuendo? What terrible thing is my mother going to say to my aunt about her internet boyfriend who steals chicken from my grandparents’ garage freezer in the middle of the night?

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Take The Cake: It's Ok To Hate Thanksgiving 

It's okay to hate Thanksgiving. After years of gritting my teeth I finally gave myself permission to choose what I wanted to do.

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Fabulous Plus-Size Fashions For Every Holiday Vibe

It’s time to eat, drink, and share what we are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Whether your dinners are cozy gatherings or formal affairs, the holidays are a great time to show off your favorite looks and play with festive color schemes.

If they make a racist joke, ask them to explain why it’s funny. Say, “I don’t get it, can you explain that joke to me?”

Let's Make Thanksgiving Awkward 

These conversations are uncomfortable as hell. They can be downright depressing and demoralizing. They may lose you friends and family members. But, sometimes they lead to change, even if it’s small. And being uncomfortable is a small price to pay to help combat bigotry.

Take care of yourself this holiday season.

Happy Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season presents numerous opportunities to celebrate and be with people we love and enjoy. It's also a constant source of potential triggers, just waiting to burst to the surface. Infinite stimulation creates a perfect storm to drown all of us in the overwhelm. As fun as the holidays can be, they can be a deep well of anxiety and exhaustion. Over the last decade, I've discovered what works best for me in regards to managing the holiday deluge. So, here's what's worked for me.

Turkey. Bless.

10 Interesting Things You Can Do With That Leftover Turkey

We had a 25-pound turkey this year and you’d think that would mean a fridge full of leftovers. Here's what to do with all that leftover turkey!


My Impromptu Thanksgiving In The Sleepy Thai Village Of Pai

Why aren't motorbikes, elephants, and $1 beers standard for all holiday gatherings?

Is it just me, or was drinking in Brittany's parent's basement way more fun? (Credit: Thinkstock)

The Essential Thanksgiving Eve Drinking Game

Twas the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and all through the bars . . .