Harvest Vegetable Baked Ziti Recipe

Rav's Recipes: Harvest Vegetable Baked Ziti

This Harvest Vegetable Baked Ziti is a lovely late summer/early autumn harvest flair! Sprinkle it with whatever cheese sounds good and enjoy.

Kids should be exposed to a variety of veggies as early as the womb.

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I remember very vividly those first days of feeding my son solids.

To elevate this dish, consider drinking a dirty martini while your asparagus roasts. Image: Our Stable Table.

#RavsRecipes: Roasted Heirloom Tomato And Asparagus Salad

Asparagus. It's a definite love-it-or-hate-it kind of vegetable. In general, I'm a veggie lover, but I'm a super asparagus fan. There is no way that I WON'T eat it.

Cup O' Noodles is not real food. Sorry. Image: Thinkstock.

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Nooooo! (Credit: ThinkStock)

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According to actually legitimate research, you shouldn't eat that salad . . . murderer.


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