Opinions are not valueless, empty objects, totally abstract and disconnected from meaningful implications. They have consequences.

Your Opinion Isn't Just Incorrect; It's Wrong

Your opinion is not only incorrect, it’s probably also capital-W “Wrong” as in, Right vs. Wrong. We have a cultural problem with opinions. It’s not that everyone has one; it’s that everyone believes theirs is as valid as the next, simply because they have one.

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Let's Not Forget Christopher Columbus Was A Despicable Rapist

Perhaps we shouldn't celebrate a man who sexually enslaved nine-year-old girls and rewarded his men with women to rape.

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CeeLo Green: The Dangers Of Rape Justification

I see you writing nasty tweets, and, I'm like, fuck you. Ooh ooh ooh!


Does Orange is the New Black Victimize Women?

Should we be worried about OITNB's sympathetic treatment of its female inmates?


Watch: These 5 Famous History Stories Have It All Wrong

Maybe it’s mean-spirited to let the air out of sketchy history, but it’s also oh so satisfying.


Watch: Sherlock Tastes the Bitterness of Deductive Defeat in Spot-On Spoof

The world’s most brilliant sleuth is having a real off day.


Senator Goes to Wrong Hearing, Questions Government Official Anyway

Further evidence that politicians stick to their talking points no matter what.