Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien


 Chris O'Brien is an actor and writer from Rhode Island currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He's written for The Escapist, The Button Mash, Stigma Fighters, Rachel in the OC, Feminist Wednesday, and a handful of other sites. Chris has also written webcomics, webseries, but now spends most of his time playing a Helpful Honda person on TV.

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Not having kids, but if I were...

The Best Advice I Will Never Give To The Kids I Don’t Plan On Having

If you’re in any relationship only for what you get out of it, you’re in that relationship for the wrong reasons. Really, it’s not about the other person either; it’s about the relationship. Like actors in a play, you’re there together to tell one story. It’s not about you. So be kind, be generous, be compassionate, be forgiving, and above all, be supportive of the relationship itself — not just the other person in it.

Opinions are not valueless, empty objects, totally abstract and disconnected from meaningful implications. They have consequences.

Your Opinion Isn't Just Incorrect; It's Wrong

Your opinion is not only incorrect, it’s probably also capital-W “Wrong” as in, Right vs. Wrong. We have a cultural problem with opinions. It’s not that everyone has one; it’s that everyone believes theirs is as valid as the next, simply because they have one.

No girls allowed? No thanks. Image: Pinterest

5 Ways Men Can Make The Man Cave A Feminist Space

Break out of a binary, gendered pattern of thinking. “All guys are into this” and “women are only into that” is Man Cave thinking.