ICYMI: All The Fresh Hell Raised By The Trump Administration Over The Weekend

Not a Muslim ban, but some non-Muslims will get to the top of the list faster? Uh-huh. Make of that what you will, folks, but it sure sounds like an unconstitutional religious test to me.

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We Can't Make This Sh*t Up: The Video Game You Play With Your Vagina

First of all, it seems practically criminal that they don’t call the device a joystick. I mean, really? Really.

The moral of the story is that a broken arm is actually an emergency, and feel free to take your kid to the emergency room.

Today's WTF Regarding Health Care In America

Today, our journey ‘round the news has us revisiting the notion of health care delivery systems and their costs. We’ll be dealing with the economic principles of demand elasticity and market issues around non-transparent pricing. We’ll also hear a story about a Congressman who let his kid spend a night with an untreated broken arm because the emergency room seemed expensive.

The country reacts to Russia's unprecedented cyberattack on the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 US Election: From Russia, With Love

There is literally zero precedent for foreign influence on elections in the US — at least to this degree — and no one seems to know what to do with the information.


The Brush That Helps You "Lick Your Cat"

So far, he’s raised $43,000 to produce his gizmo, which looks like a cross between a pacifier and foot massaging insole. You hold the end of it in your mouth and use the “tongue” to… well… lick your cat.


It's Possible That Donald Trump Pretended To Be His Own Publicist 

We all know that presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s favorite subject is Donald Trump.

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Gwyneth Paltrow FINALLY Shares Her Non-Toxic, $500 Sex Toy Recs

Have you ever wanted to have sex like Gwyneth Paltrow? Me neither, but she has finally turned her attention — and the latest issue of Goop — to telling us all about sex in the Paltrow-verse. I rushed right over and read it so you don’t have to.