The Brush That Helps You "Lick Your Cat"

Have you ever had the urge to lick your cat? No? Me neither, but apparently one guy has — and he's gotten creative about it.

Jason O’Mara has a Kickstarter campaign running to produce Licki, a brush that lets you “Lick you cat. Like a cat.” So far, he’s raised $43,000 to produce his gizmo, which looks like a cross between a pacifier and foot massaging insole. You hold the end of it in your mouth and use the “tongue” to… well… lick your cat.

The reasoning behind the invention is that cats use grooming as a form of socializing. Using the Licki will allegedly promote bonding between you and your cat. The cat on the site’s video demonstration certainly seems to like being Licki-d.

The instructions for how to use Licki suggest approaching your cat while she’s asleep or in a good mood. I used to have the most pleasant, mellow cat on earth. But I can tell you that if I had approached her while she was asleep and started brushing her with my face, she would have glared at me and then run off to hide from my infernal mouth contraption. My mom had an truly evil cat who would have ripped your face off. So, use caution regardless of temperament.

If you want to get in on the Licki action, there are 20 days left in the campaign. O’Mara estimates the product will ship in early 2017. If that's too much of a wait, you could always go to your local pet store today and get a traditional brush for your cat right now. Your choice. 

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