Science Says: Female Money Makers Help Relationships Last

Babies. To some of us, they’re nothing but rabid mini marshmallow people designed to destroy sex lives. Surely a woman’s ambition in life just goes south after popping one out? Nope. Not even close. A new study reported by the UK journal Sociology shared some surprising reports connecting science and feminism.  

This awesome study reveals that (in heterosexual couples) it doesn’t matter which partner earns more – there’s no correlation between breakups and earnings. Previous studies have suggested that the divorce rate is higher in couples where the woman earns more money, but Sociology’s latest bit suggests otherwise. But there’s one small catch to this finding. Researchers found that relationships (married folks and and those who are simply co-inhabiting) with young children (between 4 and 7) are more likely to survive if the wife’s income is greater than her husband’s. Actually, these unicorn couples are 80% less likely to split.

Why is that?

There’s no good answer. Our guess? They say “opposites attract,” so maybe high-achieving women seek a less professionally ambitious husband to complement her personality. When it comes to nature’s litmus test (i.e. raising young children), these men were able to be more active in assisting with childcare (translation: mom is stoked; couple stays together; everyone wins.)

Our alternative (and perhaps, better) theory is that the Miranda Hobbeses of the world are a rare breed and men know they’re luckier than a leprechaun if they find one. In the words of Michael Bluth, “you gotta lock that down.”


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