Weird+Wonderful+WTF: Pope Drops the F-Word! Spike Lee Vandalized! Celebrity Salami!

Pope Francis Drops the F-Bomb!

More proof Pope Francis is the hippest pope ever: During his weekly Vatican address, he accidentally said the F-word in Italian, quickly corrected himself, and moved on casually like a boss. Also/even more awesome: his progressive stance on Muslims, atheists and gays, his penchant for adorable Vatican selfies, and his past as a bouncer. More reasons to love him here! F-yeah, Pope Francis!

Florida Teen Costs Parents $80,000 With Facebook Gaffe

Lesson to Facebooking teens of the world: snarky comments about legal cases could totally screw your parents (and you, too!). A Florida teen learned this the hard way when she rather bone-headedly updated her status after her father won an age-discrimination suit against his former employer, Gulliver Prepatory School. Her words?

Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.

The problem—besides general obnoxiousness? A non-disclosure clause in the contract, which ended up nullifying the agreement and costing "Mama and Papa Snay" their 60K in winnings (and her, presumably, a sweet European vacation). If this example doesn't do the trick in instilling the importance of social media etiquette, click here. Or here. Or, well, you get the idea...

Vandals Spray Paint Spike Lee's Home Following Gentrification Rant

And the gentrification debate rages on! Following Spike Lee's rather amazing, expletive-laden, hipster-bashing tirade against gentrification, vandals spray painted "Do the Right Thing"—a nod to the director's iconic film—on his brownstone, located in the Brooklyn neighborhood he cited in the rant. There's no way of knowing for sure what motivated the incident, but based on the timing, it's fair to presume it came from the pro-gentrification camp. Or maybe some very hurt and angered hipsters. (The upside? This continues to shine light on the issue of gentrification, which is well worth diving into.)

Celebrity Salami: Coming to a Store Near You?

Ummmm, OK? An enterprising/creepy company called BiteLabs is pitching meat products based on celebs, including J Law (meat with notes of honey, orange zest and ginger) and James Franco (smoky, sexy and smooth, naturally). The idea, apparently, is to get celebrities to donate tissue samples for the meat. Ew + nice shameless promotion of your henceforth-unknown startup! Apparently, it takes being just this insane to break through the news cycle. Marketers, take note. (Sad.)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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