Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep Remake Classic Viral Videos, World Says Yay!!

If you've ever wondered what "classic" viral videos would be like if they were redone as mini-movies starring A-list Hollywood stars (wait, you haven't thought about that?!), wonder no more. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some strange, impressively produced and often very funny videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live that do just that!

Our fave? Chris Hemsworth as the grown-up version of the baby bit by Charlie in "Charlie Bit my Finger," now hellbent on revenge against his brother, played by real-life sibling Liam. But trust us when we say this was a very hard choice...

Kevin Spacey + Christoph Waltz + "Keyboard Cat" + "Hamster on a Piano"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Catherine Zeta-Jones + Samuel L. Jackson + Seth Rogen + "David After Dentist" + "Double Rainbow"

Chris and Liam Hemsworth + Tom Hanks + Meryl Streep + "Charlie Bit my Finger"

I mean, we're not sure what the finest intention or incarnation of the Internet is but man, this is close.

Image: YouTube screenshots

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