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Lost Explained in Half a Minute!

If you were a fan of Lost, you probably got used to spending hours explaining the show's parallel universes, secret hatches and smoke monsters, and what they all could mean (while perhaps losing some friendships in the process). So, it's particularly impressive to watch the Lost cast adorably/hilariously explain the whole convoluted series in 30 seconds.

Personally, our synopsis is that there was an island where people lived in pseudo-purgatory with a smoke monster who served as a spiritual assessor and a character named Locke embodying the Man in Black who represented evil forces and . . . wait, what? You've zoned out? OK, we'll stop now.

Dog Dials 911 on Smartphone

Smartphones . . . so easy, a dog can use them! No, really. A canine in Nebraska reportedly dialed 911 into a smartphone, though, alas, it was not because there was an actual emergency—not that we'd want there to be an actual emergency, mind you, but because how amazing would it be if a dog saved his owner's life by calling emergency dispatchers? Lassie 2.0! The best part of the story was the line, "Sarpy County 911 Assistant Director Marilyn Gable tells Omaha television station KETV that it's the first time a dog has called the emergency center." This means a reporter actually asked the question, "Is this the first time a dog has called you?"

Teen Tattoos McDonald's Receipt on his Arm

Noooo! A teen in Norway has reportedly tattooed a McDonald's receipt on his right arm. Why? Because his friends made him do it for being "too active with the ladies." Oh, buddy, you are so going to regret this decision. Not to mention these "friends."

And now...more weird tattoos!

Take the Weird Quiz!

This quiz to determine your level of weirdness is clearly shameless clickbait. But it's also pretty fun, and weird is our theme, so eh, why not?

Image: JKCarl/Wikimedia Commons

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