The Best Stupid, Funny, Happy-Making Viral Videos to Kill Time Before the Weekend

It's almost the freakin' weekend, baby, so say "work shmork" and revel in our choices for the best adorable, happy-making videos of the week:

Watch: "Rainbow Connection" Sung in the Voice of Nearly Every Muppet!
Adorability factor (scale of 1 to 10): 8. The Muppets are obviously the cutest puppets ever—suck it, Sesame Street! On top of that, it's pretty sweet/cute to see a grown man express his deep appreciation for an old-school kids' show.

Happy-making factor: 9. Wait...the Muppets don't make you ridiculously happy? Please stop talking to us now.

Iowa State Coach Apologizes to Teen Daughter for Horrifying Locker Room "Dad Dance"
Adorability factor: 7. Admit it: Even when your dad has embarrassed the hell out of you while goofily, um, dancing(?), you've found it strangely cute and endearing. Dad dances: frightening, adorable, everything in between.

Happy-making factor: 9. There's much to revel in here: the sheer joy permeating the locker room post-win. The gleeful boogying. The sweet message from dad to daughter. It's enough to make you want to, well, dance like a dorky dad.

Watch: The Evolution of Pop Culture in "The Office"
Adorability factor: 7. Pretty much everyone on The Office is—awkwardly–adorable in some way. Add them together into one montage and it's as cute as Jim and Pam. Well, almost.

Happy-making factor: 7. Nostalgia is always guaranteed to draw a reverent smile, and this is essentially a bunch of super-nostalgic references—from the likes of Survivor, MTV Cribs and "Who Let the Dogs Out?" (oh my god, remember that?)—smushed together. Smile!

Watch: BaneCat, the Latest in Cat Video Goodness
Adorability factor: 5. Considering BaneCat looks like a sociopathic feline killer, this rating should be lower. But ultimately, the video proves once for all that anytime a cat wears anything—even a villain mask from your nightmares—it's going to be pretty cute.

Happy-making factor: 8. Ask yourself: would wacky cat videos be a global phenomenon if they didn't make people weirdly joyous? I think we all know the answer to that.

Fearless Anchor Rips Co-Host for Disgraceful Malaysia Airlines Coverage
Adorability factor: 3. This isn't very cute, though Mika's pissy faces in the beginning of the video do have a certain feisty-adorable charm.

Happy-making factor: 7. Add two points if you're a journalist who's ever lamented the mud-dragging demise of this once noble pillar of our democracy. Watching a ratings-hungry cable host get brutally called out for his shameless ways is a visceral joy.

Images: YouTube

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