A Beauty Ad Gets Real—Dermablend Celebrates Imperfection

Wonder of wonders, could it be? We may have finally found a cosmetics ad that, rather than pedestalizing an impossible ideal of blemish-free beauty, empowers women (and men) to celebrate their imperfections.

The cosmetics brand Dermablend, which sells corrective makeup, has released a powerful series of videos called "Camo Confessions," in which women with severe acne and the skin condition vitiligo, as well as a heavily tattooed man, expose and celebrate what they look like when their makeup is removed. While celebrating looking different, the videos also show how makeup can actually be quite powerful for many, helping those with serious skin conditions (or judged tattoos) go through their day-to-day lives without degrading stares or questions.

But the most beautiful part of these videos is that it asks us to confront and question our own biases when it comes to attractiveness. I admit that before the reveals in all three videos, I felt a sense of hesitation and even worry. But then, guess what? All three looked confident and lovely, imperfections be damned, behind their masks of makeup.

Watch below. The first is of Cheri Lindsay, who has vitiligo; the second is Cassandra Bankson, who lives with severe acne; and the third is Rico the Zombie Boy, who is almost entirely tattooed.

Image: YouTube

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