Weird + Wonderful + WTF: Giant Tetris Game! New Yorker Cover Slams GOP! Woman Arrested for Weed Complaints!

Woman Gets Arrested After Complaining About Crappy Weed to...Cops

Want to get arrested? Then why not call police to complain about the subpar quality of your weed?* A woman in drug-unfriendly Texas learned this the hard way when, rather than getting friendly advice from cops on the best dealers in town, her marijuana lament landed her in cuffs. Theories: a)The weed was so schwaggy only the law could right this wrong. b) The weed was so good she lost touch with reality. c) She's dumb as a brick.

*Coloradans not included. Complain away, Rocky State tokers!

New Yorker Cover Turns Republican Jerks into Petulant Children
Um, this New Yorker cover of Barack Obama spoon-feeding medicine to an infantile Michelle Bachmann, Mitch McConnell and Ted Cruz as commentary on the Affordable Health Care Act is kind of brilliant. Or diabolically awful, depending on your political allegiance.

In related news, it seems that despite mounting GOP hysteria about Obamacare, the number of uninsured has actually fallen significantly, signaling growing success. Open wide, GOP!

RIP, Mickey Rooney
It's a sad day for fans of Old Hollywood. Mickey Rooney, the marquee MGM star who frequently appeared in classic films with Judy Garland and famously had eight wives, has passed away at age 93. Since we're not too cool to admit we love ourselves a cheesy old black-and-white movie, we find this news to be super-sad. In memoriam here's a nice little tribute:

Giant Tetris Played on Skyscraper
Remember how Tetris was the best game ever, sucking your precious life-hours into a joyous vortex of tumbling little bricks? Well, this classic game has (finally!) been given its proper getting projected onto a 29-story building in Philadelphia! The event comes on the heels of a game of pong that was played on the same building last year. What's next...Super Mario Kart? Pac-Man? Space Invaders? We can only dream.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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