The Cure For "Crazy Eyes": Benefit's Idiot-Proof New Eyeliner

I have to admit, I'm not a huge make-up wearer. In fact, I pretty much wear the same thing every single day—a little bit of mineral concealer, some blush and a few swipes of mascara. But for a night out, a wedding or an important meeting, I like to step it up a bit, maybe with a red lip or cat eye.

The problem? When I attempt the cat eye, I end up looking like an insane woman. I don’t have a steady hand, I don’t know how to evenly distribute the product, and I can never, ever make both eyes even, which means my eyes look like they are two different sizes, which means I look like I have “Crazy Eyes.”

Enter Benefit’s new “They’re Real” Push-Up liner. The brand’s “They’re Real” line of ultra-boosting and elongating mascara is already a cult favorite, so it makes sense that the company would expand the collection. And it's heard our prayers, because this thing is idiot-proof. It’s shaped like a pen and has a slanted rubber tip (not one of those effed-up long skinny brushes), so you can get super close to your lashes and rotate the pen to achieve your line’s desired thickness. It’s also a waterproof gel formula, so you don’t have to sit and let it dry. 

The liner is arriving at the perfect time, because not only was the cat eye a huge trend on the spring/summer 2014 runways—spotted at Kenzo, Tibi and Tory Burch—but it’s wedding and party season, and our goal is to be recognized in Facebook photos as “the pretty, put-together one” and not "that frightening woman with the crazy eyes."

“They’ re Real” Push-Up Liner doesn’t go on sale until June 27, but you can preorder it now. Go ahead, get on it

Image: Benefit

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