Prepare for Oversharing: Breast-Feeding Pics Now Allowed on Facebook

Like it or not, we all have those mama friends on Facebook who post way too much. Some people complain, but honestly—I don't mind it. I'd much rather see 15 pictures of boring sidewalk chalk art permeating my newsfeed than one "wahhh, pity me" status update.

Still, there are women who take things too far, and things we really don't need to see. By official Facebook standards, breastfeeding is no longer one of those things. That's right: Zuckerberg and company quietly changed their policies to exclude breastfeeding from the "obscene" category. If you look it up now, Facebook proudly states that it finds breastfeeding "natural and beautiful." 

Sorry Scout Willis; the nip still has to be covered. So close.

Why This Rocks

First, there's nothing obscene about breastfeeding. By definition, "obscene" is supposed to offend someone's morals (usually) in a sexual way. If you find something sexual about breastfeeding, you have a problem. Sorry not sorry—there are plenty of empty chaise lounges across the nation waiting to be occupied. 

Second, lots of moms are going to overshare anyway. Want to know what I've seen from my Facebook friends before this movement? 

1. A rotted umbilical cord

2. "Baby's first dirty diaper" 

3. Toddler potty filled with pee 

Three out of three times, I'm pretty sure we can all agree that we'd rather see breastfeeding. I'm hoping that those moms who posted the aforementioned offenses (you know who you are) will swap the gross for the sweet.

Why did it take Facebook so long to come around? We're hoping it was a bug in the policy writing . . . and not something worse. 

Image: ThinkStock

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