Behold! The 9 Most Ridiculous Fat-Shaming Diet Ads in History

We were perusing the intrawebs recently when we came across a rather horrifying image: a photo of a SlimFast ad in a storefront window featuring five mannequins on a journey to an ever-sexier black dress. Implicit message? Fat people should hide their ugly-pig bodies . . . so you better lose weight fast if you want to wear something cute!

Is this the first time advertisers have resorted to craven fat-shaming in an an effort to peddle some magical solution to fatness/grossness/a life filled with misery?


Behold! Some of the most ridiculous, frightening, outrageous diet ads in history. Might we suggest that you don't actually kill yourself if you can't lose those extra pounds? Ladies, trust us: it's not worth it.

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