Watch: What Men Are Really Saying When They Catcall

In another brilliant Buzzfeed video, the crew takes on the always-creepy, never-ceasing phenomenon of catcalling. Here we see typical scenes of yelled lust—except the culprits overtly say messages that typically reside silently between the lines.

You’ll hear such honest statements as:

“Society makes me feel like I need to objectify you to feel manly!”

“Woo girl! You know I only act like this when people I care about ain’t around!”

“Damn—this is the best part of my day, and I realize how sad that is!”


“Me? I’m uncomfortable talking to women like actual people!”

Granted, catcallers typically aren’t well-dressed hipsters, but we’ll overlook that lapse because the actors are perfection. This should probably be broadcast on all channels of TV as a mandatory public service announcement. Listen up, boys!


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